Walid Zoor Walid Zoor
Walid Zoor

I initially studied Engineering and traveled to the UK to pursue my Master's degree. Little did I know, that I'd join the Powerlifting club at the university there. I got injured and lost a lot of weight as a result, which led me to strive to learn all about fitness. Over the years, I took several courses and invested in learning all about fitness. Finally, I became a certified PT and Strength Coach, specializing in performance and movement efficiency. I was told I'm particularly good at delivering complicated information in a basic manner to athletes, after learning all about their sport. My goal is to assist you in creating a sustainable lifestyle that is injury and pain-free. I focus on movement patterns. My role is to get you closer to achieving your goals. I will inspire you, motivate you, unlock your disciplines, help you form habits, and make you passionate about your objectives. Let's GOOOOO!!!